-Rich in natural treasures, Africa has long attracted adventurers, traders, explorers, intrepid travellers and trailblazers alike-



For today's luxury traveller, an expedition to Africa is a call to witness the untold majesty of nature’s greatest theatre, the African wilderness.

A safari involves wildlife, are for admiring wildlife and birds in the wild, along with a host of other adventures.

Safaris have largely developed into holiday trips that actually benefit the wildlife of Africa, by supporting local conservation efforts and wildlife sanctuaries. As opposed to hunting the animals, visitors get to encounter them and help make a difference in protecting the species. Safari companies either actively contribute towards conservation projects or help generate tourism revenue which is used to manage wildlife projects and game reserves.

The safari is also a socially responsible journey designed to interact ethically with local communities and have a positive impact on local economies. The cultural interactions offered by reputable safari operators do not exploit local people. The local communities benefit from sustainable tourism through employment and financial gains from selling goods and services (dance performances, guided trips and resource management etc). Some safari companies directly support social upliftment projects whilst others make use of lodges, reserves and other establishments that assist local communities.


What African Safaris Are About:

In addition to game viewing and wildlife tracking, safaris are about:

Experiencing the local cultures of Africa

Exploring scenic places and natural wonders

Visiting historical highlights and sightseeing

Participating in adventure and outdoor



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